Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Code of Ethics

The NAECAD Code of Ethics is our Commitment to Sportsmanship and Ethics

First and foremost, the NAECAD strives to live out its core values and uphold sportsmanship and ethics to the highest degree. One of the first tasks of the NAECAD Advisory Committee will be to establish a Code of Ethics for all NAECAD members to adhere to as an example for all coaches and directors in competitive esports.

A NAECAD Ethics Committee will be created and established as one of the Advisory Boards of the Association. The NAECAD Ethics Committee will uphold the Code of Ethics and will be committed to making this issue its highest priority. NAECAD Ethics Committee will meet on a regular schedule and also at each NAECAD National Convention.

In addition, an effort will be made annually to have at least one clinic speaker on the topic of ethics at the NAECAD National Convention and Regional Clinics. The NAECAD will always strive to make the profession of esports coaching and directing better and create the best situation possible for the coaches, directors, student-athletes, and fans and all involved in the competitive esports community.