The NAECAD’s award program honors coaches, directors, and athletes from various levels on an annual basis. Every award is voted on by the current NAECAD members. In 2019, the NAECAD will be the first to offer competitive esports awards to targeted populations in which it serves. Many of the prestigious awards are highlighted below.

NAECAD Hall of Fame

Induction to the NAECAD Hall of Fame is the highest honor bestowed by the organization. While numerous individuals have made significant footprints into shaping competitive esports, individuals inducted into the Hall of Fame have been recognized by the leaders within the sport.

Coach of the Year

This prestigious award recognizes the impact a coach has made to its organization, and to the entire esports ecosystem. 

Director of the Year

The importance of running a successful program begins with the director, and this award acknowledges an individual serving in this capacity.

Player of the Year

This coveted award recognizes an individual for his/her elite performance in the game, as well as the time and focus necessary to hone those skills, making him/her the best of the best!


This distinct honor is given to players who are the best at their game and position, within their participating level.

Team Academic Excellence Award

With the challenges of being a student/athlete, this award honors high school and college programs that post a GPA over 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, within an academic year.

NAECAD Awards Stucture


Achievement Recognition Advisory Board – this board will organize and oversee the voting process for the recognition and awards presented on behalf of the NAECAD.


  • All NAECAD members are entitled one vote per award that could be won by the individual or a member of their organization.
  • To be considered in the voting, a ballot by a NAECAD member must be submitted by the specified deadline.
  • The NAECAD will continue to offer more awards as the sport grows. In order to offer awards in a particular state, a minimum of 15 organizations/teams must exist within that given state, and a minimum of 15 organizations/teams must have a representative who is a member of NAECAD.  
  • Recipients of any award must have at least one representative from within that organization/team be a member of the NAECAD.
  • NAECAD members are responsible to submit necessary information by the stated deadline for consideration of any individual or team award.
  • The Achievement Recognition Advisory Board within the NAECAD will oversee and administer all existing awards and the creation of future awards.