Tuesday, March 02, 2021

NAECAD-CP Overview

The NAECAD Certification Program (NAECAD-CP) provides quality and accessible professional development for competitive esports coaches and directors. The NAECAD-CP creates a context of professional development to assist organizations hiring high school, college, and professional level esports coaches and directors and formalizes learning levels to be recognized within the competitive esports ecosystem.

NAECAD members assist in curriculum and assessment development for courses offered in NAECAD–CP. The curriculum and assessments are created to help esports coaches and directors attain a level of learning and proficiency in the competencies listed below and to be successful in their sport and with their student athletes.

NAECAD-CP courses are delivered on a state-of-the-art mobile platform allowing coaches and directors to learn any place and at any time. NAECAD members will have exclusive access to this learning platform. The NAECAD will also provide tools and resources for content developers to create quality professional development courses to be added to the list of topics available for coaches and directors to advance in the certification program and to provide current, relevant learning in the evolving world of competitive esports.