Saturday, April 17, 2021


National Association of Esports Coaches and Directors

The National Association of Esports Coaches and Directors (NAECAD – pronounced Nay-cad), founded in 2019, is the primary professional organization for competitive esports coaches and directors at all levels of competitive play (club, high school, college, and professional). The NAECAD mission is to serve, legitimize, and advance competitive esports at all levels with NAECAD members at the epicenter of leadership, advocacy, and professional development. The NAECAD vision is for esports to be viewed as a prominent competitive sport with highly trained NAECAD members leading the professional development, growth, and quality of competitive esports.

Who We Are

Integrity – We set and demonstrate the highest standards for both the coaching and directors within the sport and our organization.

Service – We are knowledgeable, accessible, and provide resources for coaches and directors to learn and develop.

Diversity – We are inclusive of all levels of esports and those in the past, present, and future who plan to make contributions to competitive esports.  We value the diversity of our members and other stakeholders.

Influence – We represent a strong voice for the coaches and directors within the profession, and the overall promotion of the sport.


Code of Ethics

First and foremost, the NAECAD strives to live out its core values and uphold sportsmanship and ethics to the highest degree.

Constitution and By-Laws

NAECAD’s constitution and the governing rules of the association.  The constitution sets the standards for membership, committee and board service, and much more.

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Advisory Committee

The members of the advisory committee represent a group of enthusiastic and experienced leaders in competitive esports.